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T8 House, Cyprus



T8 House is located on a sloping terrain in the village of Karşıyaka at the foothills of the Beşparmak Mountains. One of the main objectives established before starting the design was to incorporate the sea view into the spaces. Accordingly, almost all spaces on the ground and first floors were positioned on the plot to capture the view.

The entrance, located on the west side of the plot, extends eastward like a street, facilitating the distribution of spaces vertically and horizontally. The main living volume, where most of the time is spent, encompasses the northern view, while the infinity pool allows for the perception of different shades of blue at eye level. This volume includes the living room, dining area, kitchen, and a casual seating corner, all designed in a minimalist style. The kitchen, designed with minimalism in mind, leads to a pantry room, which in turn provides access to the BBQ terrace. The feature pond located here enhances the experience of spending time in the middle front terrace and the casual seating corner. A walkway dividing the feature pond and main pool connects the main terrace to the guest bedroom externally.

In the guest bedroom located to the east, a small loft suitable for children's use has been added, allowing a family of four to stay here temporarily. Accessible from here is the front terrace, and it's also possible to access another somewhat concealed terrace from the bathroom.

To the east of this terrace is a separate mass serving as a storage space with a roof detached from the main building, which also serves as the starting point of the stairs. These stairs connect to the main building via a bridge mechanism and reach up to the roof. The roof terrace includes a small kitchenette, allowing for hosting small events.

The first floor of the house comprises the master bedroom and two other bedrooms. The bedrooms facing north have walk-in closets and separate bathrooms. The master bedroom, positioned to dominate the eastern and northern views, features a relatively larger walk-in closet and bathroom. The bathroom allows limited views and lighting in, enhancing the user experience and enjoyment.

Designed with a natural yet contrasting attitude, resembling a mountain rising from ground level to the peak of the roof, T8 House aims to provide its occupants with a unique experience in each space, all while enjoying the panoramic view.

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