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disruptive design studio

creating inspiring spaces and

memorable experiences

We are an architecture and design studio founded by two brothers and now a team of six creatives. Located in London, we work globally with projects in the UK, Switzerland, France and Cyprus.

Not conforming to one sector, we work in workplace, hospitality and residential which ultimately enables us to understand how people live, work, socialise. It is being able to jump from designing a restaurant to a huge office building that makes our hearts sing. We do what we do so that we can work with people who want to make a difference in the world. 

Our clients include; Capital One, EPFL, CBRE, Google, Amazon.

Meet our team


               Architecture                                            Interior Design                                                Product Design                                               Workplace Consultancy                                          Brand Design      



2022 - Restaurant and Bar Design Awards Shorlisted | Mark's Skybar

2020 - Mixology20 Finalist   |  Baraka Restaurant

2019 - Gazi Baf Martyrs Memorial Competition 3rd Place   |   Gazi Baf Martyrs Memorial

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