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Gemikonagi Mixed Use, Cyprus



In the Gemikonağı region, where the shoreline almost reaches into the plots, a mixed-use building has been envisioned. The ground floor is planned to accommodate a restaurant/café, the upper floors as studio-type accommodation and the basement to encompass units serving these functions.

The mission of the building is determined to revitalize this region characterized by underdeveloped, haphazard construction, to showcase a contemporary architectural example, and to designate it as a focal point.

Considering the building's seaside location, it needs to be composed of fragmented, permeable structures rather than a monolithic mass. Thus, the three establishments on the ground floor are structurally separated, each having its own "edge effect". Both the north-facing terraces and indoor spaces are positioned diagonally rather than parallel to the shore, enhancing both the number of users and the design perception.

While adopting a more dynamic, lighter and attractive facade approach on the sea side, a simpler and more modest design approach, believed to integrate better with the city's fabric, is pursued on the city-facing facade.

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