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Textured concrete, corten and red balau all marry up to create this architectural beauty which we cannot wait to oversea on site.



Let’s begin with the challenges of this project: Our client came to us with the requirement of a 3+1 house of approximately 200m2 The house would primarily be used by the parents however, they would also like to have bedrooms for their son and daughter, who would seldom use the place as they don’t reside in Cyprus

In order to create a more comfortable lifestyle and to save energy bills, we decided to utilise the ground floor as the main living space which would include a spacious kitchen, a living room, and an ensuite room for parents. Hence upstairs would only be used when the ‘kids’ are in town.

On the first floor, we placed another 2 ensuite rooms with a kitchenette. The staircase which accesses these two en-suites is accessed from the outside rather then inside the ground floor in order to really create that separation. This would allow these two separate rooms to be (Airbnb) rentable as they are completely independent.

The pool is immediately accessible from anywhere on the ground floor living space. Creating visual connection between the pool and other liveable spaces such as the sunken lounge, the kitchen, the bedroom were also important. The corten metal sunshades in the east not only block the sun coming into the kitchen and dining room but also act as a visual barrier for the upper bedrooms.

GVN House also boasts roof tops, creating yet another environment where our clients can enjoy sea views and the evening breeze.


Let us leave you with the project visuals. Enjoy!!!

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