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Geneva, Switzerland


700m²/ 7,530ft²

Obseva is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, backing to usher in a new era in women’s reproductive health.
It was important for us to create a place that figures out how to integrate the functionality required for this kind of office, with all its entails. Through visioning sessions, TS-DS learned meeting rooms, workspaces, and the cafe were key areas of focus.
Obseva wanted to have an office which “will bring people back together, appropriately”. Keeping the “binding ties” concept idea in mind, to support the delivery of this cohesive space, we provided a design solution that encourages growth, optimises flexible work environment, and enhances warm and sociable atmosphere.

TS-DS created Video conference booths for more focus work, small/medium meeting rooms for collaboration and brainstorming and a large meeting room which enables alternative room usage.
Different setups such as standard workstations, high table, touchdown areas and a quiet room have been provided for workspaces which allows diversity in work environment.
By using acoustically absorbing ceiling panels and sound-absorbing wall panels to solve the noise attenuation issue in open-plan office.
The Cafe features a variety of seating, a kitchen, and a games area to enhance social interactivity.
General use of natural materials such as wood, light colours and open and bright spaces aims to support the mental well-being and comfort of workers.

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