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Erhan and Mustafa Afşaroğlu are two brothers who work in the architecture & design field, graduates of Architecture (Edirne, Turkey) and Interior Design (Bournemouth, UK) respectively. Erhan Afşaroğlu, after graduating from university worked at UMO Architecture in Istanbul. Then he returned to the family business Prestige Group as a “junior designer” and became the design director within a short time. At Prestige, in addition to interior design and product design services, he also provides architectural services to various companies and individuals. Erhan also conducts interior design courses at the Near East University Department of Architecture.

The younger brother; Mustafa Afşaroğlu finished his degree with a First Class Honours and was entitled to display his final project at the New Designers exhibition annually held in London. He went onto work at one of the world’s most renowned architectural firm Foster and Partners, where he stayed for two years. He then moved to HLW International as an “intermediate designer” and within a short time rose to “Senior Associate Designer”. Amongst the clients he worked for are the likes of tech giants, Google and Microsoft as well as media and broadcasting firms such as BBDO, Sky and Youtube.

Whilst working at separate companies, Mustafa and Erhan collaborated on various projects such as Prestige showroom, Ekingen kitchen and Melting Point TV unit all of which have been published on design websites and blogs internationally.

Their goal is to challenge the normality and create spaces which respond to their client’s needs as well as give an edge to each project that will push each design into further success.